The BEAST project will be the first step in closing the implementation gap of SEAPs. The project will: 1) establish structures for efficient delivery of SEAPs, 2) identify and prepare 23 bankable sustainable energy projects, and 3) implement actions leading to measurable energy savings and/or increase renewable energy sources supply. Estimated investments due to BEAST is close to € 45 million and reduced emissions of GHG is estimated to about 24 000 tCO2 per year.

Local actors in nine European countries will be addressed and supported in their daily work by coaching and a ‘learning-by-doing’ approach to boost the implementation of SEAP actions. The local actions identified for the BEAST project differ widely, thus reflecting the complexity and daily reality for local and regional authorities addressing the different targets set in SEAPs. Exchange of experience of tutoring and best practice implementation methods and processes will be shared in four clusters among partners and their target groups across Europe.

Local and regional capacity will be reinforced on partnerships and business models for bankable energy actions. The Enterprise Europe Network services will be used acting as a valuable gateway to extended partnerships and new businesses. As being characteristic of BEAST, the capacity building will build on new combinations of proven and successful methods, known facts and existing models but put in a new context. Guidelines of efficient tutoring approaches will be established that will be transferable to multiple authorities and recommended to central governments as standard framework for SEAP design and implementation.

Major outputs & expected results

With a tutoring and coaching approach, local sustainable bankable energy actions will be implemented supported by innovative business models where creativity is combined with structure. The technical capacity of local authorities will be reinforced to develop strategic implementation processes thereby boosting implementation of SEAP actions. Both SMEs and financial institutions will be invited to join local action groups and actively participate in BEAST activities. This project will be the first step in closing the implementation gap.

The crucial starting point is examination of existing capacities of local authorities, reinforcing these by finding novel ideas for implementation, overcoming barriers by forming partnerships and using business model innovation. By practical implementation of SEAP actions, provision of professional advice to local authorities and other local actors, and by creating regional arenas and sustainable structures for interaction and formation of new bankable energy actions BEAST aim to achieve the following outputs:

  • Implementation of 23 bankable sustainable energy projects in SEAPs
  • Reinforced technical capacity of public authorities in speedy delivery of SEAP actions and creation of regional support structures.
  • Increased investments and usage of energy efficient technologies in 9 regions in at least 30 municipalities.
  • Creation and dissemination of guidelines for strategic implementation processes including best practice for speedy implementation SEAP actions.
  • Reduction of GHG emissions up to 24 000 tCO2 per year in participating municipalities during the project, measured as energy or petrol savings alternatively increased renewable energy sources supply.